As a hiring executive, whether growing your team or adding a person with special skills, the success of your efforts directly reflects on the success of your career. And possibly on the success of your company.

So, if you seek a recruiter's assistance, don't you want the absolute best, most experienced team to assist you? We earn our living by helping you be a highly successful manager.

Are you planning a search effort, or having difficulty filling a key role? Use these guidelines:

Components of a successful recruiting campaign
  • An efficient, well defined hiring process
  • A timely process
  • Communication with the candidates
  • Well defined job descriptions and hiring criteria
  • Prepared, positive interviewers
  • Information about the company the candidate can share with family/influencers
  • Competitive compensation/benefits/incentives
  • An upbeat person as the primary point of contact with the candidates
Give us a call, and let's discuss how we can assist your efforts.

Finding the perfect candidate for a high-level role can be difficult, but at Momentum, the only candidates that we converse with are the best of the best in their career. Our team includes an experienced staff of recruiters who focus on the needs and wants that a company has in finding a candidate. If you would like our assistance, then please fill out the form below and we can set up a meeting to talk about what kind of position you are wanting to fill, and what your requirements are for the position.
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